I have always loved making art and being creative.  After graduating high school I attended Swain School of Design and New England School of Photography, I was happy, but unsure of my future.  I kept hearing the echoing questions of my friends and co-workers saying "What will you DO?  HOW will you pay your way?"  Finally, I succumbed to the idea that I needed to get a REAL job.  So I worked in the service industry for about 25 years.  (Stealing time when I could, to create the occasional painting in cramped apartment spaces.)  Although I was successful at my jobs, I was never happy. 


Finally, I have escaped these dead end careers and returned to my first calling; being creative and artistic.  Oil paint is how I choose to express my artistic creativity.  In my landscapes & seascapes I strive for 'photographic quality' realism.  Each brush stroke is well thought out and precise.  In contrast, my abstract pieces are very much the opposite; more a product of trial, running with a feeling and just simply having fun. And yes, I have been known to make a childlike 'airplane noise' while painting abstracts!  Such is the creative process of Tricia Caron!


I hope you enjoy my work.